My personal work has focused on memory for the last decade, exploring the topic from a different angle in each body of work, how it shapes us, changing our perception of the world around us.

Remember, Last Summer explores ways in which the emotions held within a memory can be triggered by unrelated events, it is a collection of found places, traces of the passing of others, the leftovers of their time spent if you will. It is important to note I am is not recalling my own memories, more the possibility of a memory, therefore creating something new that I like to call found memories.

Childhood really lends itself to this exercise as it is usually fueled by innocence and blissfulness. Recalling those moments provides the viewer with a little endorphin peak, warm fuzzy feeling. The aim is to have the viewers recollect their own childhood stories whilst looking at a particular print with that little extra sparkle in their eye.

On a very personal note, I watched my grandparents spiral down into dementia. I watched as memories, whole sections of their lives, disappeared for ever, how I became "the very pregnant girlie" and was no longer their granddaughter. In the last years I had many conversations with my grandmother. She would mainly recall her adventures as a child, I could see her soul shine in her eyes. Those moments with her were priceless. I guess the complete title of the series would be "Remember, Last Summer, When..."

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