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Black and White is my thing. It always has been. Colour has to justify itself, otherwise it's superfluous. 

I was trained in Paris by some amazing photographers and my portrait work carries that moody nostalgia. I aim to create a series of images you will cherish for decades to come and feel proud to show them off to all.

How long does it take? Well, a session is done comfortably within 1  1/2 to 2 hours but I always book off three hours off in my diary so I know I can accommodate the sitters who need a little more time to relax into a photo shoot (the pet that needs time to get used to me, the baby who just wants to sleep/not sleep... etc... you get the idea!).

The session can take place in my studio, a chosen location or in the comfort of your own home. We will discuss the options during a pre shoot consultation (preferably in person over a nice cup of tea or coffee). I will always try to accommodate your requests and do my utmost to help you feel relaxed and enjoy the experience.

We will work towards achieving 10-15 images.

I work in both digital and analogue (film).

I offer packages on top of the session fee to include digital file options, prints, albums and other heirlooms. To receive the price list, please click here. Simply state your request for the price list in your email subject line.

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If you want more information on pricing or would like to discuss what would suit you best, you can get in touch using the form below

Portraits of dog and horse, separate sessions:

 "Thank you for the framed prints, they are lovely!"

Creation of a photography set for a kids' party:

"Thank you so much! They are amazing!"

"The photos are fabulous!"

"I really like the magazine, it's cool!"

Portraits of Fantasy Author:

"I absolutely love them! Thank you a thousand times, you're a photography sorcerer!"

Portrait client:

"They're really lovely - great job!"

"Great pics! Thanks so much for taking them"

"I never thought I looked so pretty. You're really very generous with your camera/eye"

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