About the project Provenance

Provenance has always been important for me, in everything I do. Yes, everything! even my photography and fine art requirements; paper, wood, glass, aluminium sheets, I try to know where it all comes from and when ever I can, I make sure to buy local.

Not just sold local mind, MADE local, GROWN local, BREAD local etc... for my health, my community, the planet, the producers etc.... and when it's food, the TASTE! Oh my goodness the taste of a ripely picked anything is amazing!

After focusing on food, I've opened up to creators and craftsmen and women, producers of the mundane. In French, my first language, we say "la beauté du geste", loosely translating into "the beauty of the gesture". But this simply doesn't do it justice. Its meaning covers so many different aspects of life. it's at the same time on a psychological, metaphorical, technical, skillful, and human interaction level, it means kindness, mastery, repetition, openness to others, knowledge, workmanship, beauty.

So here you have it, Provenance. I hope you will enjoy the posts and the people involved in each one. There are links in the text to their websites and so on. If you happen to be based in or near Somerset/Dorset, check them out! buy from them directly! go! go! go! little steps make for a better world! Finally, whilst you're checking things out on the web or instagram or wherever, check out the "Just A Card" campaign, supporting independent businesses etc nationwide. Yeyy!

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