Juliet Piper

The beauty of contemporary Raku firing, is no walk in the park. Creating these beautiful colours requires special clay, a little sawdust, a bisque firing at 1000 c°, a second glaze firing with copper, cobalt and iron, and patience. All of which the Eeles family seem to have in abundance!  But all this would only result in exploding vessels without amazing craftsmanship and years of experience.

To choose a piece of Raku is more difficult than it may seem. You might say "They all look the same!" oh no... no no no they don't! The blue shades produced by the cobalt with the incredible oranges, reds and pinks coming through later in the process with the copper and the reduction of oxygen around the piece during the cooling process makes every single one of these potteries absolutely unique. I would want them all, litteraly, and change them around according to my mood. sadly...

the Eeles pottery: Mosterton, Beaminster, Dorset, DT8 3HN. email: webpage:

There is a large display of Raku pieces for sale at Forde Abbey from Spring to Fall.