Juliet Piper

I wear red lipstick, very red lipstick. What does this say about me? not that much really... it's a mask, a fashion thing, another layer between you and me... maybe all of those things, or maybe none.

I have worked in the photography industry for over 20 years filling many different roles... as an assistant, a photographer, an agent for contemporary artists, a consultant, curator and project coordinator. I am mainly based in the UK but have covered assignments in different parts of Europe, Africa and the Middle East. Please get in touch  if you have any questions or requests.

Upcoming exhibitions and events:
Galerie Ruines, Geneva Switzerland, April 2018


Final selection of 30 film photographers 2014

ND Awards 2014
Honorable mention, Fine Art, Landscape


Instagram take over 22-28 March 2015

Don't Take Pictures

Picture of the Day, 26 September 2015

Illustration for the announcement of DTP Landscape Photography Competition, 2015

Rise Art prize 2018


Solo exhibitions

Galerie Ruines, Switzerland, November 2013

Freestudios, Square Studio, Switzerland, March 2014

Cube Gallery, London, UK, November 2014

Group exhibitions

Ilminster Art Centre, UK, December 2013

Back Gallery Project, Fotofilmic'14, Vancouver Canada, September 2014

dnj Gallery, Fotofilmic'14, Santa Monica, USA, January 2015

Galerie Rivière Faiveley, Mist, Paris, FR, June-July 2015

South West Academy of Fine Arts, Open Exhibitions, November 2017

Art Fairs

AAF Battersea, UK, Cube Gallery, October 2014

AAF Brussels, Cube Gallery, February 2015

AAF New York, USA, Cube Gallery, April 2015

AAF Hamburg, Germany, Cube Gallery, November 2015

AAF New York,  USA, March 2016

Art Busan, Korea, Cube Gallery, June 2015

Art Hamptons, USA, Cube Gallery, July 2015